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DISCLAIMER for Yoga Nourishment (including Lori Haas, CYT and Lori Haas Yoga) services and written information.

There are many benefits to therapeutic yoga including calming the nervous system, feeling more connected in your body and strengthening a clear, conscious focus that can be experienced on and off the mat.  Therapeutic yoga is not for everyone.  It is important to listen to your physical health needs as guided by a physician prior to this and any yoga practice.  Therapeutic yoga is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or nutritional counseling/services that an individual may need.  It can be useful as an adjunct to other healing practices. 

Information on this website is not to be construed as professional advice nor medical recommendations.  This website is of educational nature and serves as a digital business card of services and information.

Any videos or written information linked to Yoga Nourishment including Lori Haas, CYT and Lori Haas Yoga, are not to be sold or shared without written permission.

This disclaimer indicates you are responsible for your own yoga practice decisions based on your body and health needs and physician guidance.  It also indicates you agree to enter any of Yoga Nourishment practices with your knowledge based on the above information and waives holding Yoga Nourishment, Lori Haas, CYT and/or Lori Haas Yoga responsible for any potential or negative impact of utilizing any services and information.

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