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Healing Oriented Yoga

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"Be here, right now, with Your Breath, in Your Body"...
Lori Haas, 500 hour Certified Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapist through Inner Vision Yoga

Yoga Nourishment is about cultivating yogic philosophy and principles, breath, postures, intentional mindset, movement, meditation, and stillness to feed the body, mind and spirt.  This healing oriented process is supported by neuroscience and yoga psychology as a pathway to living a more conscious and connected life on and off the mat physically, mentally and emotionally.

All yoga can have therapeutic benefits, as the definition of yoga simply means "to connect".  In therapeutic or healing oriented yoga specifically, this mindful and gentle practice helps to bring self-body awareness, acceptance, and relaxation beyond a focus on alignment, techniques, and the physical practice of a regular yoga class.

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Jeff Martens, Certified Yoga Therapist, Integration Guide, Yoga Teacher Trainer

"Breathe into the expression of who you want to be.  If you want to be calm,
then breathe and bring in the posture of calmness."

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